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Hi there, today I wish to post Sage Smudge Kit posting. And might come to be today you would like Incense Holders merchandise. Nowadays I would like to demonstrate this remedy Sage Smudge Kit that could be it truly is perfect along with your prefer. This Guidelines, required to shop for Sage Smudge Kit product, it’s essential to learn about the item detail, quality and also the price tag. Together with upon at this point I most certainly will explain to you much more detail about Sage Smudge Kit.

The Description about Sage Smudge Kit:

This smudge kit with a large 5 to 7 inch Abalone shell, 6 inch shell stand, sacred sage which contains copal, lavender, sweetgrass, whites sage and pine, wild turkey and guinea feather fan with leather handle and 3 real gemstone crystals consisting of tourmaline, clear quartz and rose quartz. Free basic smudging directions included. Tourmaline: All Chakras. Healing qualities are good for inspiration, connection awareness, creativity, new challenges and negotiation skills. Good for laughter therapy and use in groups. Enhances healing ability and offers protection on all levels from simple accidents to psychic attack. Physical is good for mental health and healing. Good for the digestion and the health of the bladder and lymphatic system. Spiritual is good for calming and good for self confidence, balance, and removing blockages. Relieves the restless or troubled mind. Good for the inner self yin/yang balance, the aura, all psychic abilities and left/right brain activities. Clear Quartz: All Chakras. Healing qualities is quartz crystal is the feel better stone, it can improve your quality of life, make you feel happier and re-energizing you in all situations. Rose Quarts: Chakra Heart. Healing qualities it magnifies creativity and imagination. Physical is good for complexion, youthful appearance, fertility and the menstrual cycle. Good for the health of the adrenal glands, heart, blood, circulation. Balances sex drive and helps sexual frustration. Emotional/spiritual is good for calming. Good for forgiveness, love, romance and relationships. Enhances female energy and qualities. Helps crisis, phobias, anger, stress, tension, fear, guilt, grief, inadequacy, jealousy, resentment. Crystals are about 1/2 to 3/4 inches. All content contained herein are copy right protected and property of Sage N Smudge TM. No unauthorized use of any content is allowed without written approval from Sage N Smudge TM. This item is made, sold and shipped by Sage N Smudge TM.

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